The superhero misfits complete the trilogy on a high note in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

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Whether you are a fan of the Marvel universe or not, the likability factor of this latest and final edition of the Guardians franchise is undeniable.Full disclosure, that previous hailing comes from a viewer who does not consider himself to be a fan of superhero movies these days. With that being said, I have seen both prior offerings, so it was only necessary to finish what I started.

Starring superstar Chris Pratt as the lead “Peter Quill.” He was what you have come to know and expect, Chris Pratt. His role in this series isn’t all that different from his role in the Jurassic Park movies; you still can’t but enjoy watching this hunk run around the screen. I do think he needs to start branching out a bit now, do an indie, do a drama, show us what you got boy!

Also starring a slew of other big-name actors too long to note, lending their voices to this big budget early summer blockbuster. The list of A-list actors in this project are about as long as my Christmas list is every year, no joke!

They are calling this the last one of this series, but come on, will it be? Or will the studio just do a spin-off with one of the smaller characters like Disney is famous for to rake in another $300 million or so? Either way, one of the high points of this feature and the previous outings is the soundtrack played throughout. We were jamming in our seats like it was Studio 54, no bell bottoms included.

Guardians Of The Galaxy was filled with obvious heart, humor, and well-derived attention to details. What I appreciated most about these characters, was just how close they all seemed, it was downright endearing. They are all so unique and different from one another, kinda like a melting pot of what makes America so great.

What I have come to appreciate the most over the years about the Sci-Fi, superhero genre of films when I talk to haters is as follows. Whether this style is your cup or tea or not, please don’t be a movie snob like some. These films allow a 2 ½ hour “escape” for so many away from our harsh realities we all face every day. Some people read to escape, some vacation, some drink, and some watch big budget summer blockbusters like this one to get away from it all. Now that I will always support and fight for! Cheers to an exciting upcoming summer blockbuster season, let the games begin!

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